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Today's modern businesses are constantly communicating with its target group through social networks. Your own Website is, therefore, no longer even if you want to stick to your target group. Instead, you need a mobile presence as a mobile web site or app. Of course, the development of a native app is always tempting, but also time consuming, especially when the application is to run on different platforms. Therefore, more and more companies are choosing the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) from Adobe.

The developers of the Apps agency Adobe DPS are on hand to provide help and advice

In principle, there are two categories of Apps: there are applications that are task-oriented and with which the user can perform specific tasks. The second category includes all content-driven apps. They mainly supply current content of catalogs, brochures, and flyers to the specific target group. For those types of Apps, Adobe DPS provides an alternative. The advantage of this is that a developer does not necessarily require an Adobe DPS to develop a new app, but can concentrate on the actual content.

The programmers are content experts; our Adobe DPS agency can continue to use their familiar environment: they are using programs, such as InDesign, or content management systems, such as Wordpress. An Adobe DPS developer can simply continue to use its existing workflows. We develop Tablet Magazine as an Adobe DPS agency, as usual with contents can be supplied. The only difference from normal online magazines is that the content is on the mobile devices. In addition, with Adobe DPS ability, content by special features such as animations, videos and slideshows, are more interesting.

You can take advantage of many benefits available with Adobe DPS

The biggest advantage of Adobe DPS is that it is much easier than the development of complex Apps. Programming skills are not necessary, for example. As a customer of the Apps agency, you also can benefit from it, because development with Adobe DPS is quick and cost-effective. Further advantages are:

  • Multiplatform adaptation plays no role
  • Cost-effective implementation of your ideas and wishes
  • No programming skills required
  • Faster development
  • Additional features such as animations, buttons, and videos can be integrated

Have we aroused your interest for Adobe DPS? Then don't hesitate any longer, but instead contact our Adobe DPS agency. The many Adobe DPS developers in our team would be pleased to advise you!

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