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App Marketing

App Marketing

You have developed an App and now want to publish it? Certainly now ask yourself, how to get app to be known? Apps Agency is an App Marketing and mobile marketing agency and your specialist for App marketing. We will help you to successfully publish your app.

How do I market my app?

In the App Store are already over 1.5 million Apps available (status: 2015). If you want to have success with your own app, it is not with just pure App Development. Instead, you should also devote the professional app marketing your attention, so that your application in the mass of apps is not lost.

Ensure Accuracy

Nothing upsets the users more than a poor usability. If an app crashes constantly, the user will delete it quickly from their device. You should therefore check before the publication, whether the application runs correctly on all mobile end devices. If you can program the app, the developer can do it for you.

Offer a free version

A free trial version with reduced functionality is always a good idea draw attention of visitors to your app in the App Store. The Lite version should include a link to the real version and so many features that the user finds them helpful. However, it is important that the tools of the pay full version are still interesting enough to make the purchase even worth it.

Allow for a day the free-of-charge download of the app

As long as your app is that new, you can for a day offer free download in the App Store. Out of curiOSity are then the first downloads and therefore also the first positive customer reviews. Experience has shown that Smartphone-User is more willing to spend money for a good rated app.

Upload a video to YouTube

If your app is interesting enough, you can shoot a short video in which you highlight the key features or the added value of the application. A YouTube video is a good starting point that the app is known, and thus increases the download rate.

Perform an App Store Optimization (ASO)

The second most common way apps are found is by searching the App Store. Therefore, you should ensure via App Store Optimization that your app will be found there. Good App Marketing starts already in the choice of the name. It should contain the search term, the higher probability is sought after. Invest time in a detailed and meaningful description and use not only two lines to describe the functionality. Screenshots from the app increase the attractiveness and the probability of a download. Also, make sure to tag the application with the appropriate keywords.

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