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App Technologies

App Technologies – Mobile applications determine the markets of today and tomorrow

The Smartphone and tablet market grows in a fast-paced tempo and thus also the use of mobile applications. Cross-platform, on web technologies-based applications, the so-called Hybride-Apps, are a trend, with their efficiency in the development, as well as a high usability. This is sometimes called the „cross-platform development". This type of development offers a number of advantages. Because without a steep learning curve in the special features mobile platforms, we can use this approach for quickly usable results. Yet another advantage cross-platform applications offer: With Hybrid Apps You can appeal to a wider audience and thus increase your customer base.

Three technologies - many possibilities

The development of a hybrid Apps does not make sense in all cases. Ultimately, it must be based on your project and will be discussed, what technology is the best way for your app. Programming your mobile application can be carried out by three technologies: as a native app, Web app or hybrid app. If you prefer the cross-platform technology (CPT) instead of a native development, it is important to reconsider some aspects in advance:

  • What are the platforms to support your application?
  • Which features of the mobile terminals are crucial? Which is to support the app definitely?
  • What role does the graphics requirements? What is the required computing power?
  • How many designs you need for the various apps?

We will be happy to advise you about app development and show you the latest App technologies. We would gladly go with you, the individual advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies and develop an individual concept for optimal realization of your app. You just have to come. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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