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How do I develop an App?

The brilliant idea exists only in the development of the app it has failed so far? We'll tell you how easy it can be programmed your own app.
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What are the costs of the development of an app?

As a professional agency for app programming, we are often asked before a job, how much the app development costs. The answer, that we usually give, goes something like: "The costs vary according to what exactly you plan!" Indeed, for example, what you need from the design, and how complex the technical implementation.
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I have an app idea - what can I do now?

You have a unique App idea and now don't know what to do next? How does the idea of the finished app and how people pay attention to it?
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How do I market my app?

Approximately every 90 seconds, a new app appears on the App Store. This is equivalent to just under 1000 apps on the day. If you want to have success with your own app, it is therefore far from done with just the pure App Development. Instead, you should also turn your attention to professional App marketing, so that their application in the earth of the apps never goes down.
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You are looking for an app programmer? How do you find the right developer?

Do you have an idea in your head and want to create a mobile application, but you don't have neither the know-how nor do enough time for programming? In this case, you have little choice but to engage a professional App programmer.
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How long will it take to develop an App?

Many customers and interested parties present us with the question, how long it will take until the app is ready. As well as the problem of the cost of an App there is no flat-rate or single answer. Instead, the time needed depends strongly on the respective app project. The more complex the application, the more elaborate the design and greater the desired functions, the more time it takes to complete the app.
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What is the difference between hybrid, native and Web apps?

In the context of the app development you sure at one or other time stumbled upon the concepts of "native app", "Web App" and "Hybrid App". But what is the difference between the various App types exactly?
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How can I read the UDID of my device?

The UDID is the abbreviation for the name "Unique Device Identifier". This is an identification number, only on Apple devices. It is clear, cannot be changed and therefore remains constant, regardless of whether or not the terminal ownership changes.
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