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HTML5 Apps

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 Apps – cross-platform solutions conquer the mobile market

HTML5 is a hypertext markup language. This allows the use of features and applications that had previously been known only from native applications or desktop applications. For example, you can with the help of HTML5 implement Complex animations, videos without the need to install additional plug-ins (e.g. Flash games) and can even be realized. In addition, it is possible by HTML5 to access the hardware of mobile devices.

An App for all devices

For applications that will work on different mobile devices, use our App Developer to use the opportunities offered by the programming with HTML5. With this markup language can implement mobile applications across platforms and operating system independent. This not only takes less time to complete, but also speaks for applications high quality and functionality. Because of the complex customizing the designs for each operating system is omitted.. In addition, updates are available more quickly because instead of multiple source code only one needs to be maintained and updated.

Uniform/easier marketing

Bidding on HTML5-based apps also in terms of marketing has many advantages. Neither of the Directives must take into account the different app stores, nor do you need to release the app to be serviced by the manufacturer. Our HTML5 App Developer can thus develop your mobile application, regardless of the different platforms and then publish this on the App Store.

Start with HTML5 in the future

Apps based on HTML5 offer a number of advantages. HTML5 apps work on the Android Phone, the iPhone and the Windows Phone and can be started from any device - whether it is a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. You also want to profit from this new technology? Then please contact us. We will be happy to advise you about HTML5 applications and programming your individual app.
Our app developers equip your company with HTML5 and make it fit for the mobile future. Apps agency is your HTML5 App agency!

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