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Hybride Apps

Hybride Apps

Hybrid App Agency: the golden middle path between native and Web-App

So far only native apps and mobile web apps were known in the app market. As a hybrid App agency we also offer the right balance of your idea and program so that you can benefit from the advantages of both App-Technologies.

What is a Hybrid App and what is it used for?

Companies that want to develop their own app, of course, also want to reach a large audience. But this is always difficult, because on average, each user has 2.8 terminals on which apps can be operated. Next to Smartphones and tablets we have smart TV-devices and also long-established Smartwatches and wearable projects are on the rise. In addition, there are three operating systems on which the Apps should run: iOS, Android and Windows.

To meet all users’ needs, so far apps had to be developed at great expense for all platforms and operating systems more native apps. The alternative was often a Web-App. It runs on any mobile device, but cannot use hardware features of the devices, so that the functionality is very limited. This is the reason for hybrid Apps. Go the golden middle and both are capable of running on all devices as well as in a position to control the hardware of the terminals.

Hybrid app developers as app developers of the future

Hybrid apps are initially developed on the basis of modern web technologies and then embedded using the framework PhoneGap in a container, which ensures the ability to run on all operating systems. Hybrid app developers can therefore programme flexible apps that work on any device, and at the same time are also able to access almost all hardware components of the device. The big advantage: All Hybrid app developers have to do is create a source code, so that the application on the iPhone, equally Android-Tablets, Windows-Phones and Smart TVs is running. This saves the hybrid app developers’ time and you as a client a lot of money.

Customer benefits of a Hybrid App Agency

If you decide to develop your app in a Hybrid App agency such as the Apps Agency, you can only benefit. The benefits of a hybrid App are obvious:

  • Use both platform- and device-independent possible
  • The customer reaches increases, because the app is available on all devices
  • Compared to the web app, but the hardware components such as camera, memory, motion sensor, GPS sensor and network interface can be used
  • The flexibility of the hybrid Apps is much higher than that of Web apps and Native Apps
  • While a web app cannot be provided in the app stores, which is in the platform-independent proves no problem to the hybrid app
  • In comparison to Native Apps the hybrid App is significantly less expensive and therefore offers an ideal value for money

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