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The JavaScript developers of the Apps agency will program your App

You want to develop a simple mobile application, which works on any mobile device regardless of operating system? In this case, you are with a Web-App best advised. It is platform-independent, so only one application for all systems must be programmed. In order to develop a Web-App, you will need to login with HTML5, CSS3 and be especially familiar with JavaScript. If you do not yet have any experience in these areas, you are on the safe side, if the implementation of your JavaScript App idea is in the hands of our agency.

JavaScript - essential for the Web-App Development

Hidden behind JavaScript is a scripting language that was previously primarily used for dynamic HTML to integrate into the web browser. In that way, the evaluated user interaction and content could be reloaded or altered retrospectively. In this way, the possibility of HTML and CSS code are expanded.

The scripting language plays such as an important role in the development of Web apps, but also in many other areas. There is the JavaScript used to realize the interaction on the smartphone. This is often based on JavaScript library jQuery mobile. If you are also intending to carry this out, you will need access to a scripting language, such as PHP script. If you have never had anything to do with web development of the Java program, it is definitely recommended to develop your Web-App with Script-developers of the Apps agency.

You benefit from the advantages of a Web-App

A Web-App developed with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is developed for simple mobile applications, such as the realization of a road map or to get messages back and forth. A Web-App by professional JavaScript developers is programmed, and offers the following benefits:

  • Platform-independent
  • Runs on all operating systems such as Windows, iOS and Android
  • No approval necessary for the App Store
  • Updates are quickly and easily practicable

Did we arouse your interest? Then just get in contact with the experts from our JavaScript agency, so we and our JavaScript programmers can help you develop your idea into a functional Web-App.

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