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jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Apps agency offers professional mobile developers

Hardly any other market in the IT industry is growing as fast as the smartphone and tablet market. It is therefore all the more important to develop mobile Web Apps with the modern features of JavaScript and HTML5 to work with a high level of user friendliness. To ensure that any content, regardless of the platform on their own mobile device is displayed, this technology must be used in the best possible manner. JQuery plays an important role in Mobile Framework, because it supports a variety of platforms.

Your App from a jQuery Mobile agency

Our Apps agency also sees itself as a jQuery Mobile agency, because many jQuery mobile developers joined our team, with many years of experience using this Framework. In the autumn of 2010, the alpha version of jQuery Mobile was at the start, and in November 2011, was the release of the first version of the product. The JavaScript framework is based on the popular and widely used jQuery framework. The library has the objective of making the development of Apps and has a cross browser to offer support. This means that jQuery Mobile Developers are able to write applications that work on multiple Web browsers and always has the same or at least a similar user interface view. Access to the application from a variety of devices is designed to optimum effect.

Not only are the jQuery Mobile developers from our agency absolutely convinced of the usefulness of the library, also many other large companies, such as Adobe and Microsoft, rely on the functionality of jQuery for the development of mobile applications. And rightly so: In August 2011, Mobile jQuery secured a market share of 32 percent. In view of the brief time in which jQuery Mobile succeeded in achieving a market share, this is a stunning success.

JQuery Mobile has many advantages - use them!

The jQuery Mobile Library will benefit not just our developers, but also you, as our customer. Convince yourself of the many benefits of this library:

  • Requires little resources
  • Developers of a jQuery Mobile agency requires less time for the creation of Apps
  • Cost savings for our clients
  • High degree of user friendliness
  • Many useful plug-ins available

In this manner, jQuery Mobile is for fast mobile applications in all respects. If you would like, discuss this with our Apps agency team, because we will be pleased to advise you!

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