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NFC – a system with future potential

The abbreviation stands for Near Field Communication and is up to date, especially in solutions used for cashless payments. In Savings banks, the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and higher education institutions the use this service has already been successful for the payment of small sums of money. There are, for example, NFC-chips in the University ID cards, so that students and employees in the student canteen and in university facilities can easily make cashless payments.

How the NFC technology works

The Near Field Communication is a transmission standard and is used for the contactless exchange of information. For this purpose appropriate media may only be a few centimetres away from each other. It is because only then can an exchange between a wireless card and an NFC-reader, or between a mobile terminal and a reader take place. The installation of an app is not necessary. The only prerequisite for using this system is the possession of a NFC-compatible smartphone. After the activation of the NFC-option from the appropriate mobile device you can start the data exchange.

Individual Applications

As well as the QR-code, the NFC-system has a variety of features and applications, such as the exchange of data between two mobile devices and the opportunity of interactive Museum Tours. In addition, you can program your own tags and insert this in everyday life. An example of this is the on/off heating or light via NFC-communication. From downloading content via on-line banking to use as a ticket - the communication via NFC offers many opportunities for companies and private individuals. We at the Apps Agency will be happy to show you how you can use this technology and advise you in all matters relating to the topic of Near Field Communication.

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