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PhoneGap agency: We develop your Hybrid-Apps

Among the benefits of app development in our Apps Agency also is included programming with PhoneGap.

PhoneGap - what is it?

The name "PhoneGap" conceals a open source framework from the Adobe home. It plays a particular role in the development of so-called hybrid apps and is supported by the Apache Software Foundation. For long now it is clear that mobile terminals have a high level of importance in the present and in the future are to become more and more important.

Depending on which terminal is used, are very different screen sizes and operating systems possible. An App should be designed in such a way that looks good and works properly on all smartphones and tablets. A hybrid Apps are used to fulfil this requirement.

The tools of the PhoneGap Developers

The experienced PhoneGap developers are in a position in our agency, on the basis of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 web apps to develop a wide range of operating systems, on the run properly. The PhoneGap framework is there to transfer those Web Apps in a kind of container, which is independent of the operating system and the screen size will be able to optimally display the app on all mobile devices.

We also have as PhoneGap Agency the opportunity to use various interfaces to be accessed by the app for specific features on the hardware of the terminals. This would not be possible with pure web apps. PhoneGap is compatible with the most important and popular platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod.

A PhoneGap agency offers you these benefits

If you decide to let us realize your App idea as a hybrid of a PhoneGap app developer, you benefit from all kinds of benefits. So you no longer have to decide, for example, if you develop a native app for each operating system or whether you can program a cross-platform web app, which cannot access the hardware of the terminals and thus is limited in features. Instead, we create a hybrid app, which combines the advantages of both variants App.

Platform independence is provided as well as the possibility of using the camera, the memory or the contacts of the terminal access. Our PhoneGap developers have a wealth of experience in the field of programming of their individual idea Hybrid-Apps and can implement them therefore with a great deal of know-how. Please contact our agency PhoneGap, if you wish an individual and adaptable app that is perfectly matched to your needs and ideas.

Features of PhoneGap - this is possible

With the PhoneGap development, for example, the following app features are implemented:

  • Access to the contacts and read-out of the contact details
  • Use of the camera to capture photos or read QR-Codes
  • Use the motion sensor to react in game apps on the movement of the device.

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