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QR-Codes – universally applicable

Whether on products, in magazines, on billboards or on business cards - QR-codes are nowadays almost everywhere. But what are QR-codes exactly and how does the System behind it work? QR-codes (abbreviation for quick response) include in contrast to NFC, iBeacon & Co. to the older technologies for the smartphone. The code consists of black or coloured small squares and actually refers to a web page. However, it can also find more information, such as GPS-coordinates, business cards or WLAN-passwords.

How the QR Code works

The reading of QR codes requires the possession of a matching app to scan the code. There is a free version of Unitag available for example, both for iOS as well as for Android. If you have the corresponding scanner installed on your smartphone, you must only start the app and the mobile device has the code - you will receive the desired information within seconds on your terminal.

Use the QR-code effectively

The possibilities to use this system for yourself, is virtually unlimited. Many companies are already taking advantage of this method and use them to inform customers on your products and services. Exclusive offers on background information on products to photos and videos - QR-codes are used in a variety of ways and make a contribution to customer acquisition and retention. You also go with the time and take advantage of the wide-ranging options of this modern marketing tool. As an innovative App agency, we show you what is possible with QR-code and help you to create your individual QR-code.

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