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Smart TV Apps are now on everyone's lips. But what can make these applications and for whom they are suitable? And is it worth to invest in this market? The latter question we can already answer in advance: the assignment of a Smart TV application is definitely worth it, if you want to make an investment in the future. The reason is that the use of Internet-based content on TV-devices is growing in popularity and will continue to grow in the coming years. Smart TV applications such as Youtube, Maxdome or music streaming services are only some applications that are currently already on the market. Also major TV broadcasters are getting ready for the future in the TV and present themselves with their on-demand media libraries on the new media trend.

A market with a lot of potential

Latest developments in the Smart TV-development show that the number of households connected to the Internet with at least one TV-terminal in the last three years has almost tripled. Trend is likely to continue. The possibilities offered by these applications are of particular interest for the marketing. Because on a second screen matching offers can be presented to the user. For example, watching on television a baking program show, this is certainly of interest for manufacturers of bakery ingredients and accessories. This can send their information to the tablet or show in the news area. Advertising has thus for TV viewers a real added value, since they get presented appropriate products to bake directly. In addition, the Social TV offers great potential. By means of a built-in app, users can discuss a televised event, assess and share information about it.

Smart TV Apps - what you need to do

Applications for the Smart TV must bring a high usability. There are two aspects of the utmost importance: the TV-compatibility and easy control for the user. Because this is done in the field of smart TV Apps - unlike the touch screen - on the domestic remote control. Short lines of navigation as well as the avoidance of input text are therefore essential. The content must be prepared accordingly.

We can program your television compatible app.

Apps Agency stands for the development of innovative applications and is thus also your contact when it comes to the programming of Smart TV Apps. Our Smart TV app developers and designers are here to produce your ideas and have the necessary know-how to take your App successfully to the market. Interested? Then, simply contact us. We look forward to working with you to realize your Smart TV App-Project.

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