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tvOS agency: Apps agency develops your tvOS Apps

One of the services of our Apps Agency is to develop tvOS Apps, according to your individual wishes.

tvOS offers countless new possibilities for App programing

A lot has changed with the new Apple TV, mainly because it has its own app store. This means for you that a new platform is offered to build your own apps. Of course, a smart TV is hardly comparable with a smartphone, Tablet or a Smart-Watch. Because of this, the interface design and the development and other requirements must be taken care of.

It’s important to know that for the operation of the Apple TV 4 there are now two different options: On the one hand, it can be used for the innovative remote control that is done with just a few buttons, and a touchpad. On the other hand it can be controlled via Siri by voice commands. However, this is far from not all: because the remote control is also able to collect and analyze movements, it allows you to play games, such as those already known on the Nintendo Wii.

The tools of the tvOS developers

Not only has the surface been revised in the new version, but also the underlying system. The specially customized operating system tvOS offers support for a wide variety of APIs and other platforms. In order to create apps for the system, for example, we use Xcode. In addition, there are used modern technologies such as Metal and Game Center. There are also new templates which use the XML and JavaScript, as a framework for available tvOS apps. With pre-defined layouts and JavaScript APIs so we can quickly create great Apps entirely according to your wishes.

We can develop your tvOS Apps - you benefit

You loved the new possibilities of the Apple TVs and have an idea for an App that should run on tvOS? Leave us the development part. This has the advantage that you don't have to worry about how your idea can be implemented specifically to tvOS. Share with us your idea, so that together we can develop a concept. Apps agency will accompany you at all stages from design, to programming and testing to marketing of your finished tvOS app. This will give you a functional application for the new Apple TV, which can be used intuitively for users and all your needs.

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