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Web Apps

Web Apps

With Web apps be one step ahead of the future

Web apps are the solution for all those who want to develop cross-platform applications. Because of this type of applications serves a Version regardless of operating system or browser all terminals. The development of a design and operating concept is therefore sufficient to make the app available to all users. iOS through Android to the Windows Phone - with Web Apps create a unique user experience that your customers will love. But Web applications can be not only on Smartphones, tablets and co. use. It can be accessed and used from the desktop of your PC.

How do Web apps function?

Web applications run with the help of the Internet browser. On each device so that the user can use the App, our professional team created layouts, customize the different sizes of the terminals. To do this from our Web app developer to HTML5 and CSS3 to return and, in doing so, create operating system-independent solutions. This means full usability and customer satisfaction.

The special user experience

Web Apps score points with their high availability. Close native apps the users of older mobile devices often made, web applications can be used both on old and on new devices. The same is true for updates of the manufacturer. So are web apps even after upgrading operating systems on all mobile devices available. In addition, the installation of the app are omitted in Web applications on the device as well as the downloading of software updates over a App Store. Because with the help of a content management system can Web applications be easily and in real-time to bring the latest technological progress.

  • Professional advice
  • Technical and Graphic design of Web Apps
  • Development and implementation of individual Web Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization for mobile applications
  • Waiting for services and care services
  • Coaching and Training

Apps Agency based in Germany is a full-service agency, whose core competence in the design, programming and marketing of Web apps & Co.

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